Honeymoon Guide | What is your Ultimate Honeymoon?

The Honeymoon has not always been the dream holiday that it is today. In medieval times the ‘honeymoon’ was a lunar month following the couple’s special day when they were encouraged to drink as much mead as they possibly could! Mead is a beer brewed using honey which symbolises new union and was believed to make woman more fertile.

It would seem times have changed somewhat as the honeymoon is now considered the most unforgettable and romantic getaway that you will ever take. But with all the options out there, where do you begin deciding where to go and what to do?

The key to planning your honeymoon is deciding what you most want out of it as a couple. Do you want to spend your time lying on a tropical island, sipping cocktails and watching the shore roll in? Or maybe this sounds boring and you would rather go for an action packed adventure? More and more couples are choosing less conventional destinations for their honeymoon and the options seem infinite!


The Ultimate Romantic Honeymoon

I think it’s fair to say that any couple will be looking for an element of romance in their honeymoon but where to go for the ultimate romantic interlude? Some people consider the Amalfi Coast in Italy one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, if not the whole world. White washed villas and scented lemon groves scatter the sheer cliff sides that roll down to meet sparkling turquoise ocean and an endless blue horizon.

Hotel Caruso in Ravello is the perfect romantic honeymoon hotel. Their exclusive suites offer complete decadence and unrivalled sea views.

The Ultimate Outdoor Honeymoon

If your idea of romance is spending the night under the stars toasting marshmallows on a camp fire then why not choose a spot of ‘Glamping’ for your honeymoon? With ‘Glamping’ becoming more and more popular there are so many companies offering all kinds of luxury camping experiences ranging from magical tree houses in the woods to rustic gypsy wagons.

Staying in a luxury, hand-crafted Yurt in the beautiful British countryside could make the ultimate honeymoon experience for the outdoor enthusiasts. Wedding Yurts offer a lavish honeymoon Yurt which can be set up in your own choice of location, they will even decorate the interior to your own liking!

The Ultimate Charitable Honeymoon

Many newlyweds are choosing to take a more selfless route and are ‘honeyterring’ on their honeymoons. Imagine how meaningful it could be to start your life together by giving back to a good cause.

It’s very easy to stay in a resort in an amazing part of the world and miss out on the local culture. One of the great things about volunteering on your honeymoon is that you will get to experience local life first hand and get a chance to venture off the beaten track. There are charitable causes across the whole globe offering volunteering experiences ranging from working with orphans in Morocco to bathing elephants in Thailand.

The Ultimate Adventure Honeymoon

If you have a passion for adventure then a laid back, luxury beach resort will most probably leave you with itchy feet. So why not opt for an adventure holiday where the two of you get to share new, exhilarating experiences together.

There are so many websites out there offering bespoke honeymoon packages allowing you to jam pack your holiday with as much adventure as possible. A tandem bungee jump in New Zealand might be an adrenaline junkie’s idea of romance. Whilst for the activity enthusiasts, it could be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro together. At the end of the day, if you can climb the highest free standing peak in the world together, then surely you can do anything.

The Ultimate Humble Honeymoon

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive things and after all the festivities are over, most people aren’t left with a whole bucket of money to then pour into a dream get away. In the current climate many couples are pushing back their honeymoon and with the general chaos of everyday life it can then end up never happening.

Don’t miss out on your much-deserved break together after all your wedding planning and instead go down the humble honeymoon route. After all, as long as the two of you are together what more could matter?

Sometimes us Brits forget what a beautiful country we live in and so why not consider staying a little closer to home. You will cut down on travel costs which mean that you will be able to invest more into your ideal accommodation. Consider a quaint, seaside cottage on the coast of Cornwall or perhaps a beautiful boutique hotel in Bath.